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Academic Tutoring

Jonathan and his team start from the premise that each individual student learns differently, has different strengths and weaknesses, and therefore needs a tutor who possesses deep knowledge and experience, as well as the ability to quickly assess how a lesson or strategy is connecting with that student and adapt accordingly. That acuity and flexibility allows us to adapt our strategies based on our students’ responses. In practical terms, that means having the patience, determination and subject mastery to explain any given concept in myriad ways until we find the one that works best. In order to assess our students’ progress, we try to gather as much relevant information from parents and teachers in order to determine where knowledge and skills gaps exist, before targeting those areas as methodically and comprehensively as possible. Ultimately, we strive to equip our students with the organizational skills, study habits and critical thinking faculties that will serve them well throughout their lives and lay the groundwork for their future success.

Our private tutors offer in-home academic assistance for a wide range of classes, including:  

English | AP Literature | AP U.S. History | AP European History | World History | Pre-Algebra | Algebra | Geometry | Algebra II | Trigonometry | Pre-Calculus | Calculus | AP Calculus | Biology | Chemistry | Physics | AP Biology | AP Chemistry | AP Physics | College-Level Chemistry | College-Level Biology | College-Level Math | Spanish | Lower-Level Latin 

We proudly serve the Greater Los Angeles area, including:

Brentwood, Beverly Hills, Culver City, Encino, Hancock Park, Koreatown, Malibu, Manhattan Beach, Mid-City/Miracle Mile, Pacific Palisades, Redondo Beach, Sherman Oaks, and the surrounding areas.

Additionally, we provide expert one-on-one remote tutoring to students and families in: San Francisco and Silicon Valley | Washington D.C. and the greater DMV area | The Greater Boston Area | Philadelphia and The Lehigh Valley | Phoenix, Arizona

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