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College Counseling & College Application Essay Coaching

Since 2003, Jonathan has worked as a college counselor, helping students to navigate this increasingly complicated admissions process. Jonathan helps students to produce their best personal essays, told in their own words and unique voices. Just as importantly, Jonathan helps his students create a balanced list of schools to apply to so that every student ends up with multiple options and, most importantly, attends a school that is a good fit. Jonathan also helps students to pick out classes and extra-curricular activites that maximize their potential without overwhelming them. He assists parents with the financial aid application process, as well as all other elements of the application process. Jonathan's students have been accepted to such schools as: 

Amherst, Bates, Boston College, Bowdoin, Brown, Carleton, Carnegie Mellon, U. Chicago, Claremont McKenna, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Duke, Emory, Georgetown, Harvard, Haverford, Johns Hopkins, Kenyon, MIT, U. Michigan, Middlebury, Northwestern, NYU, Penn, Pomona, Princeton, Rice, RISD, Stanford, Swarthmore, Tufts, Tulane, UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC Santa Barbara, UC San Diego, UC Irvine, USC, Vanderbilt, Vassar, Wash U., Williams, Wesleyan, Wisconsin and Yale, among others

"Jonathan is an exceptionally caring, organized, and effective college consultant and writer. When it came time for college essays, my son had no idea where to begin. Jonathan took him through the process, painlessly and creatively, finding a topic and guiding him to a polished and powerful essay. Writing without tears! Jonathan is kind, professional, and a great writer himself. He also is an effective tutor. You will be pleased with his work." 

-- Terri Barrach

"As an educator myself, I highly recommend Jonathan Wolf and his business. Jonathan is both an excellent educator and manager of his tutoring business. Over the past few years, he has helped my two older children with their college and law school essay writing as well as provided tutoring services to my younger daughter in a variety of different areas. Jonathan's knowledge of the writing process and his ability to help my children focus and edit their writing has resulted in my son being admitted to UCLA in their Honors Program and my daughter being admitted to USC Law School. He is currently working with my youngest daughter on her college application process. I highly recommend Jonathan Wolf and his company's tutoring services."

-- Helene Cameron

"I hired Jonathan to help me transfer from one Ivy League school to another. I was unhappy at the school I was attending and was only interested in transferring if I could attend this other school, which was even harder to get into, especially as a transfer student. Jonathan was very honest with me about my chances of getting into the second school (not good) and told me that he didn't want me to waste my money unless I was absolutely sure that I understood how difficult an undertaking this would be. I told him I understood and he helped me fashion an application that elicited one of the best essays I have ever written. He also insisted that I have a friend my own age who attended the school I wanted to attend write me a letter of recommendation, something I had never heard of before. Though the odds were against me, I got in to my dream school and am very happy there. I now refer all of my friends who want to transfer to Jonathan."

-- Ryan L.

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