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Private, Personalized Test Preparation via Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype & FaceTime

Jonathan and his experienced team of tutors tailor their lesson plans to address each student's individual needs, goals, strengths and weaknesses, in order to help them maximize their learning potential and get the highest possible scores on the following standardized tests: 


Best Practices 

Students who work with us tend to see significant increases in their subject mastery and test results. That is because, instead of relying on shortcuts and tactical gimmicks, as many test preparation companies do, we are dedicated to helping our students obtain fluency in all of the concepts that appear on the tests. This may sound like a common sense strategy, but it is far less common than you might think. Too many test preparation companies are operated like factories and run by owners and managers with little to no experience, or even interest, in education. By contrast, we are educators first and foremost, whose primary focus is improving student performance. Rather than spend our time thinking of ways to improve our bottom line, we believe that by consistently offering top quality educational services to our students and their families, our bottom line will take care of itself. 

Impressive Results

  • Students preparing for the SAT generally experience score jumps ranging from 200 to 400 points.

  • Students preparing for the ACT generally experience  score jumps of between 4 and 8 points. 

  • Since March of 2020, all tutoring services are offered exclusively via Zoom, Google Hangouts, FaceTime and Skype. Because we were early adopters of online tutoring, our specially trained, experienced instructors provide tailored material to our students, so that they can work though problems in real time via Google docs, Google Classroom, and other easy-to-use applications that are now standard features in classrooms.


"Jonathan Wolf has helped my son prepare for the ACT. He is an excellent tutor and so are all the members of his team. He fully prepares the student to reach their highest level. He is a true professional. I highly recommend him for anyone needing college prep or test prep!" 

-- Cathy Cahill

"My husband and I have used four of Jonathan's tutors for both of our sons over the last five years. The tutors who work for Jonathan are fantastic across the board, and helped our sons raise their grades in math and science from low B's to A's. Jonathan then helped prepare our older son for the ACT. After working with Jonathan for just two months, my older son went from a 26 on the ACT to a 31. Jonathan worked with my son on his application essays, from the brainstorming process to drafting and redrafting. The essay my son wrote was beautiful, and his writing improved dramatically in the process. My son was accepted to three Ivy League schools and will be attending the University of Pennsylvania next year on a full ride."

-- T. Smith

"Before a friend of mine referred me to Jonathan, my 11th grade daughter had spent three months preparing for the SAT with a well known preparation company, and her score had not budged. After working with Jonathan and his team for just over a month, my daughter's score rose 150 points. When we decided to retake the test, we worked with Jonathan and his team again, and my daughter's score went up another 80 points. Jonathan and his team are knowledgable, professional, and dedicated to their students' success. My daughter actually enjoyed working with them, and the results speak for themselves."

-- Lisa G.

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